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 Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.

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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   05.05.16 15:20

Je suis choqué.

Arcing Fire, à ~20" ou Aiming Bonus à ~16", Auto-KD, AoE 4, pour 3pts (mkII) ?

Arcing Fire, à ~20" ou Aiming Bonus à ~16", Auto-Fire, AoE 4, pour 3pts (mkII) ?

d3 tirs POW13 à 14", boostés à la touche sur les warriors, pour 2pts (mkII) ?

Ils ont bouffé quoi sérieux ? O_o' Ça n'a aucun sens !

Qui a envie d'affronter une paire de ces trucs pour 4 à 6 pts ? Et le pire, c'est que le seul moyen de les buter c'est de tirer, et de tirer loin. Shootmachine on disait ? Je ne comprends plus du tout où ils veulent aller.

Je veux dire, sans parler du KD qui est juste ridicule, j'ai gagné un paquet de parties avec mon Vanquisher (qui tire à 10" et qui vaut 8pts) sur des déviations foireuses qui mettent feu au caster où à un solo clef. Alors là, deux galettes, qui partent deux fois plus loin, pour deux fois moins cher ? WTF ?!

SunHunter -
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   06.05.16 1:29

Les Skornes à l'honneur pour Pantoufle cheers

[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

Remarque générale : changement des règles de cavalerie !

Et la cav skorne avec Jump donne bien envie bounce

Tweet de Hungerford hier :
Now for my last spoiler before I'm on vacation. Warjacks no longer go inert when knocked down in water. Tick-tick tub time

Edition du jour de votre reporter attitré, suivi du post sur PP US :

De Will Shick, intéressant sur les damage boxdes indiquées sur les cartes (éviter d'avoir X cartes identiques sur la table)
Quote Originally Posted by Stormpuppy_Infantry View Post
Why Void Spirit has two damage box line that represent model A and B? Does the one option of Void Spirit gives two Void Spirits?

In order to better ease the number of cards you need in game we have put multiple damage tracks on various models so you don't have to run around with a bunch of duplicate cards that are only there for damage tracking purposes.

De Will Shick toujours
Quote Originally Posted by Brushchewer View Post

What's happened with nihilators?

Nihilators are basically unchanged. PC 9/15, Tough and Berserk.

Quote Originally Posted by TravR View Post
Are all the Titans besides the Bronzeback now FURY 3?

The Gladiator is also still FURY 4

Quote Originally Posted by Sami View Post
Jason, thank you for fully spoiling Ferox . Are you able to give any info on how my second favourite Skorne unit has been changed, i.e. the Paingiver Bloodrunners?

Also, considering the changes made to Beast Handlers, do Skorne still have Fury 5 warlocks?

Thank you

Yes FURY 5 warlocks still exist in both Skorne and other HORDES factions.

Quote Originally Posted by DrakeRaids View Post
Hey Privateer Press! Thanks for the awesome insider, I really like the look of how things are going for Skorne in MKIII, and since they're the faction I started with, and the one most near and dear to my heart, I have some questions for you, if you could respond to any of these. Regardless, thanks for the interesting spoilers and know me and all our locals are stoked for the new edition of warfare in the iron kingdoms!

The first is one you'll probably hear a lot from in here, I imagine, and that concerns the fate of our Cataphracts. They were some of coolest models to field in Skorne, in every variety, but the look of them going down in boxes while their price isn't changing terribly significantly was something I found a little curious, especially with them losing defense. Did their armor go up natively at all, or did they gain any new abilities? While I didn't get to play in MKI I've heard stories of an interesting thing Arcuarii used to have, a little ability named Hog-Tie...

My second question is about Ancestral Guardians. They were one of the coolest models in Skorne thematically and had an aesthetic that draws in a lot of people. They're, to be blunt, just so freaking cool you know? In MK2 they seemed to suffer a little though, and seemed like they feel right in that problem range of not being good enough for a three point model, but to good for two points. What do they look like in this new edition? Have they changed at all?

Last is one about a unit that I, over my three years now of playing the game, bought twice, and sold twice. Praetorian Swordsman. I could not make those guys work, for the life of me in MK2, no matter what I wanted them to do someone else seemed a little better, be it Nihilators, Karax, or Keltarii. What kind of niche do they have in MKIII? What hole in a list do I feel like I can take them to fill, or what questions do they ask?

Cataphracts are still very, very solid for their points. However, as Soles pointed out in his Insider, not only were they overshadowing the faction unit choices but they also were creating a play experience which was just not fun to play against nor in line with the kind of dynamic battle experience we want WARMACHINE and HORDES to be. The decision to drastically re-evaluate heavy infantry damage was one we took very seriously in terms of making sure the models affected remained strong and viable choices while still addresses what was clearly becoming a major issue in the game experience.

I'm likely biased because I think Ancestral Guardians were great in Mk II. But they are definitely a solid choice in the new edition and have seen a slight point cost reduction thanks to the new point system.

As far as Swordsmen go, I think part of this comes down to warlock choice and play style. I think Swordsmen are awesome as cheap, yet relatively effective, front line troops who can run in, stymy up the enemy and still put out some solid offensive damage with the proper support. However they aren't going to be, nor are they meant to be, replacements for more specialized elite units. In the new edition they picked up RNG 1 on their swords which is huge and come in at a nice PC 8/13 which makes them even more effective in my opinion at this role. Oh also they are perfect for generating sweet, sweet souls...

Quote Originally Posted by godchyld76 View Post
Will, can you let us know if any warlocks that were 5 fury have had their FURY stat increased?

None that I am aware of.

Quote Originally Posted by Patrick the Boo View Post
Did bloodrunners retain Shadow Play?

No. They now have Apparition and Reposition [3]

Quote Originally Posted by Zelbinnean View Post
Since Spiny Growth was mentioned and is now Rng SELF I hope I can sneak this question in. Does the Carnivean still have Spiny as its animus? And do all Carnivean "chassis" beasts have Unyielding, or was that a Proteus exclusive?

Yes it does have Spiny Growth. And no Unyielding is not a "chassis" trait.

De Soles

Quote Originally Posted by Brushchewer View Post


I could give you the biggest, tightest hug right now.

It's beautiful.

It's so beautiful.

Tell me one thing, one thing more and I will go away and cry tears of joy.

What's happened with nihilators?

They lost Fearless. And now cost 9/15.

On peut déjà s'attendre à un errata :

Quote Originally Posted by JPGREAT1 View Post

So if I understand correclty void spirits with killing spree have an endless amount of attacks plus 8 inch teleport with a 1 inch move as long as they kill an enemy model?

Am I understanding this right?

Yep. That's what the card says. Unfortunately, somewhere between the rules getting finalized and the card getting layed out the words "Once per activation" got dropped from Void Walk. Call this some very early errata.

Toujours de Soles

Quote Originally Posted by Thrawnic View Post
So I am very ok with the changes i have been able to see considering the website is still down. I have a question for you Mr. Soles.

The Scarlock thrall picked up a spell of its own in the Cryx insider. Is that also the case with Aptimus Marketh? and if so can you tell us what that spell might be?

Marketh did not pick up another spell. He had enough other stuff going on without it.

Quote Originally Posted by Madadh View Post
Did Cyclopes see any major changes?

I definitely like alot of the changes, though I'm hoping Gladiators went down in cost considering they took a 2 defense hit. The Ferox kinda annoy me though. Was it really necessary to keep the Skornergy going? It still feels like you have a unit that is very expensive that can never use all its rules.

Skornergy does not exist. Some people don't like options.

Quote Originally Posted by Arakom View Post
Mr Soles, can you give more info on the desert hydra and Tiberion?

The Desert Hydra gains a few damage boxes and was recosted. That is about it. Tiberion picked up a bond with Xerxis that grants him Overtake.

@Pantoufle : tu as déjà Tiberion?

Quote Originally Posted by Riozaki View Post
Shick can you please please please tell me if rasheth still doesn't have a melee weapon or if the sentry has locker?


Dominar Rasheth does not demean himself with physical combat. He has people for that.

Quote Originally Posted by LightningGod View Post
In regards to the Void Spirit/Mordikaar thing, does Despoiler still make Void Spirits? Please? I really want to pick him up this weekend, but am super scared to drop 60 bucks without knowing what he's going to do in Mk3.

Also, am I the only one hoping that the Bronzeback gained Aggressive to replace his fifth fury?

While bonded to Mordikaar the Despoiler can make one round when a living enemy warrior model is boxed while within 5˝ of it.

Quote Originally Posted by alexandyr View Post
Query: Now that Revive has the same activation restrictions on the returned models as Mockery of Life, does Mockery still cost less?

Grunts brought back by Revive must still forfeit their Combat Action the turn they are put into play.

Quote Originally Posted by Spideredd View Post
Will, has the Titan Sentry got MAT6?
Or is he stuck at MAT5?

The Titan Sentry has MAT 6 now.

Un peu de Legion dans le tas :

Quote Originally Posted by Zelbinnean View Post
Since Spiny Growth was mentioned and is now Rng SELF I hope I can sneak this question in. Does the Carnivean still have Spiny as its animus? And do all Carnivean "chassis" beasts have Unyielding, or was that a Proteus exclusive?

The Carnivean still has Spiny Growth. Proteus is the only Carnivean-like beast with Unyielding.

On revient à Skorne

Quote Originally Posted by SpacemanSpiff View Post
Did the Gladiator keep Rush or has Rush changed?

The Titan Gladiator still has Rush.

Pour la cav

Quote Originally Posted by gentleman.general View Post
Cavalry get boosted charge attack rolls? Interesting to be boosted instead of just straight +2. Regarding the cavalry spoilers, does Tall in the Saddle still exist?

Tall in Saddle was on the short list of "very easy to forget rules that only appear in the rule books" and has been removed from the game.

Quote Originally Posted by Patrick the Boo View Post
Does Spell Slave mean I can cast animi?

Nope. Spell Slave specifies that the model "casts one of the spells on its warcaster’s card with a COST of 3 or less".

Au passage, vous aurez remarqué dans l'Insider que tous les animus sont maintenant des sorts... Je sens que je vais aimer la Banshee en Elfe (si elle ne change pas...)

Quote Originally Posted by Big Mak Attack View Post
Dear PP,

Thank you so much for this. Even if eveything isn't as good as it seems come June (and it seems amazing right now from this Skorne player's POV), it shows you listened a lot to our concerns and complaints that weren't outright whining. That means a lot and I and hopefully other skorne players thank you for this.

If you are still answering questions, I have one that doesn't require hard spoilers, you could just explain the thought process, though if you are feeling charitable...

The new battlebox has the Xakaar, a Cyclops Savage, a Titan Gladiator, and a uh... Cyclops Raider? I know the battleboxes are supposed to have synergy to create a balanced group. I would love to know how the raider, which was a support piece used basically for snipe on a stick, fits in with a battlegroup and warlock that are melee focused. What about the raider made you guys say, this piece belongs with these other melee models?

The battle boxes were designed with teaching the game in mind so we tried to cover all the facets of the game. The Cyclops Raider covers shooting. We also play test the battle boxes to make sure that they balanced against each other. None of them should be considered truly optimized.

Quote Originally Posted by Rynth View Post
So his immovable rule is gone/different.

Odds are.

Quote Originally Posted by Draakur View Post
Thanks very much for all the interaction with us, Solesy - it's hugely appreciated. This is the sort of thing that maintains your reputation for being a company actually interested in interacting with and working alongside its player-base to make the best product possible

Count me in as another party interested in Naaresh; he's been almost universally considered our weakest/second weakest warlock since inception, and mostly just rubbish. Anything you're willing to share re: changes for him to help him become more competitive??

I need to keep some secrets... But I will say that Naaresh got some love in the new edition.

Quote Originally Posted by Mnkylord View Post
So, Praetorians didn't change much... But I have to ask, are the poor Karax still MAT 5? SPD 5?

They are now SPD 6.

Pour la cav, plus d'attaques au passage, Sun va être triste...

Quote Originally Posted by peltier21 View Post
M. Soles,

You say that ''Tall in the saddle'' is gone, but what about Ride by attack, does it change ?

Ride By Attacks have likewise been retired. That is why reposition is turning up on all the cavalry.

Retour à Skorne

Quote Originally Posted by Xerxlegion View Post
With the changes to the other strong buff animi like Spiny Growth and Far Strike, is Rush also now RNG Self?

Rush is target friendly Faction warbeast.

Dernière édition par ealthril le 06.05.16 10:24, édité 1 fois
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   06.05.16 10:01

Des ajouts de Soles sur les weapon crew :

Quote Originally Posted by leo_neil316 View Post
Did you rewrite the trencher cannon's fluff then?

No worries there. We took a look at all the fluff once the final rules were finalized.

Quote Originally Posted by Lord Tyrant peers View Post
What I got from this insider. Factions that have a good shooting shooting game got good artillery, factions without got garbage artillery. Seriously, why make the venator weapons teams worse?

If something in a Faction got toned down it is because some combination of effects within a Faction made it too strong.

I think it is also worth saying that the Skorne has some of the best artillery in the game. Yes, you may have to think about tactics to deliver it with maximum effect but it is devastating once you do.

@Pantoufle : tu l'as déjà la catapulte skorne? Question

Quote Originally Posted by ZealousJohnny View Post
Mr Soles, since everyone else seems to be doing it may I ask a question?

The article mentions that the intent was to make playing artillery pieces more attractive without stepping on the toes or Warjacks/Beasts. As the artillery pieces are all now clearly improved and seem to cheap as chips for what they will do, how were the Warjacks and Beasts designed to retain balance? For example, if the Sunburst crew does now set things on fire it could be seen as infringing somewhat on Vanquisher territory. Do you see the larger battlegroups, focus/fury mechanic, and seemingly lowered point cost of battlegroup models as sufficient to earn them center stage, or have those warjacks whose traditional role is anti-infantry received other boosts across the board?
The fact that the role of weapon crews vs. warjacks and warbeasts is different helps. Weapon crews are designed to act as slow moving support artillery. They lack the hardiness and maneuverability of warjacks and warbeasts. Warjacks and beasts are generally designed with mixed purposes in mind. Even the dedicated ranged combatants among 'jacks and beasts can generally wade into melee combat when they have to. They can also benefit from boosted attack and damage rolls pushing them even further.

Quote Originally Posted by Oni2000 View Post
Sorry guys, but 11 pages a bit to much to read.

We know if there have been changing to Armor Piercing ? And if we don't know :

MrsSoles has Armor Piercing changed ? XD

Excellent question. "Armor-Piercing - When calculating damage from this weapon, halve the base ARM stats of models hit."

Quote Originally Posted by Dan from Chicago View Post
The trencher cannon has some open questions: did it keep Dig in. Did the grunts keep their military rifles. If so I think it'll work out.

Yes and yes.

Un peu hors du sujet, sur le Behemoth

Quote Originally Posted by Arakom View Post
HOLY MOTHER! Mr soles, can you tell us if Behemoth still has armor piercing fists?

Yes it does.

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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   06.05.16 15:03

Ealthril a écrit:
Tu l'as déjà la catapulte Skorne ?

Oui j'en ai deux =) peintes et prêtes à l'emploi ! elle prend quand même un gros up =)

Pour tout le reste j'attends de voir, le jeu Skorne semble s'orienter vers plus de troupes, ça sera peut être rigolo. Tant que je peux jouer Morghoul1 et les cochons, moi tout me va =p.

[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   06.05.16 20:25

Quelques infos Legion

De Will Shick

1) Rhyas has always been one of my favorites too! In the new edition, Rhyas is Rhyas—ninja elf of doom. However, with the rebalancing of Legion units she has really come into her own.

2)The Seraph gained Apparition and Flare on its ranged attack, while the Neraph gained Sprint. Thus the Seraph has become a full on support piece while the Neraph at 12PC is a cheap, fast, strike and fade hitter.

3) Blight Wasps are still pretty much Blight Wasps, though their DEF increased to 13 and they lost Annoyance.

Quote Originally Posted by caine<3 View Post
Wow, thanks for the answers!

Another few I can beg:
- Will the Blight Bringer still largely do the same stuff since it was so close to the MK3 release?
- I just bought 10 warspears and uas, are they still going to Prey? If so, what kind of point cost compared to Skornes 12/20 cetrati?

Blightbringer has remained basically the same as well outside of a new PC and some general rules language streamlining.
Warspears still have Prey. PC 9/15 for the unit with the UA being PC 5

Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwokk View Post
There's always a Killjoy.

Say if I gave you Shredder dog eyes(which is a trick because I got none) could you tell me about the Carnivean?


It's a Carnivean. Outside of Spiny Growth being SELF now, going to SPD 5, and gaining RNG 1 on its melee attacks it does what it always did. Messes things up.

Quote Originally Posted by Zelbinnean View Post
Great thread idea. I have a few questions.

1. The insider said that our premier battlegroup warlocks are still Thagrosh, Absylonia, and Saeryn. Did these guys' approach to their battlegroups change a lot for the new edition? What are some differences in how each of them supports a beast-heavy playstyle?

2. Are there any specific rule changes you can share that speak to facilitating legionaries and swordsmen in the specific roles they're meant to fill?

3. Does the succubus still allow for a free upkeep? What else does she do, if anything?

1. This first one is a huge and chunky question. And one that I'm not going to likely be able to answer to your satisfaction in the amount of time and space available to me here. That said here's the quick and dirty version.

Thagrosh 1 & 2 really didn't change much overall (though Thagrosh 1 can no longer bring back Huge based models with his feat). Same with Absylonia 1 & 2. Absylonia 1's feat changed to not require her to take damage to heal her warbeasts (everything in her battlegroup in control range just heals) and Absylonia 2 gained Reposition [5] instead and replaced Teleport with Hex Bolt.

Saeryn 1 changed most significantly as her feat now grants friendly faction models +3 ARM and models in her battlegroup gain Retaliatory Strike. This obviously changes her play style a bit in that you can't just run right up the field and deny your opponent a turn to do anything to you, but the ARM plus Retaliatory Strike still puts them in a difficult position. Especially now that she also has access to the Blight Bringer spell which is Cost 4, AOE 5 POW 12 offensive spell which has the AOE remain in play for one round and prevents enemy non-warcaster/warlock models within it from spending Focus, Channeling or being forced. Coupled with Respawn and the overall reduction of trivial upkeep removal and Saeryn still feels like Saeryn but in a new way more in line with the desired approach to the new edition.

2) Swordsmen have higher SPD, higher DEF, RNG 1 on their swords and weapon master. Legionnaires have higher ARM are slower, have a lower MAT and P+S, are RNG 2 on their swords and have CMA and Vengeance. Effectively Swordsmen are solid alpha strikers due to their speed and Weapon Master allowing them to deal high damage to even high arm target. RNG 1 is also huge since it really lets you leverage more attacks against large based models. Legionnaires on the other hand are better at taking a hit and retaliating, though they don't have the raw damage output of swordsmen. The biggest key factor here is that these two units now cost the same but excel in two very different roles. Will some people still prefer one over the other? Probably since it comes down to play style and what role you want filled in your army. But having played with and against the two extensively I think both have a solid place and niche now.

3) Yes the Succubus still provides a free upkeep. She also has access to three Magic Abilities: Blizzard, Hex Bolt, and Influence. So she stands out as a bit more of a magic support solo than an animus battery.

Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwokk View Post
Thank you for putting my mind at ease. PC 22?

PC 22? Good Everblight no. PC 19

Quote Originally Posted by JJDM View Post
Could we get a spoiler on the Teraph?

Gun went to RNG 12 AOE 4

Quote Originally Posted by Ghoulio View Post
Hi Will

Is there any way we could get a couple more hints/spoilers as to what Bethayne actually does now? She has always been my favorite Legion caster so I would love to see how she changed. Thanks!

Overall she is a bit more support focused. She obviously can still Flesh Meld with Belphagore. She swapped Carnivore for Invocation of Blood which either grants her +2 SPD, STR, DEF, and ARM for one round while melded or allows her to make a full advance toward Belphagore if unmelded (limited to cast once per activation).

She swapped out Gallows for Venom, kept Ashen Veil (though the spell is now called Cloak of Ash), and kept Blood Thorn. She also swapped out Eruption of Spines for Disintegration which is Cost 3 RNG 10 POW 13 and model hit suffers -2 ARM for one round. And should you be boxed by it you are RFP'd.

Belphagore kept Despoiler and picked up a SP 6 Acidic Breath attack which causes Corrosion. Though he's no longer immune to Cold or Electricity.

Quote Originally Posted by Zelbinnean View Post
No complaints on how you answered it here! Thanks! I do have a follow up though...

Is the Reposition [5] her feat, or simply an ability she can do every turn now?

Just an ability she can do every turn.

Quote Originally Posted by Neutralyze View Post
Combat lights were pushed to the wayside in MK2 for the heavy warbeasts options. Do the combat lights have viability to them now? Nephilim solider was never taken because for 4 more pts the. Scythean was a plainly better option. Is that still the case? What makes the solider stand out other than precision strike?

By and large its PC. You can get two Soldiers for the cost of a single Scythean. Or a Soldier and a Protector for the cost of a Carnivean. Now will either of them on their own be able to match the raw damage output of their larger cousins? No, that would swing the pendulum way too far the other way. However, the new point cost system combined other small tweaks (the Soldier is MAT 7 now, as stated in the Insider the Protector has Guard Dog, the Bolt Thrower has Quick Work) I believe make them viable options depending on what you want to do in your list.

Quote Originally Posted by Crate123 View Post
Sprint is just an ability in the Neraph, not its animus. As far as I can tell.

Yep. It's just a native ability.

Quote Originally Posted by Grimgo View Post
Very positive about all these legion changes! Teraph is such a beautiful model and he sounds like he'll see a lot of table time

Swordsmen sound nice! I ran them in mk2 with Rhyas putting them up to spd 7 which they sound like they've gained now. If she keeps dash they might be a little ridiculous

As much as I want to ask about Sturm and Drang for my pig army, I will ask - Does the Swordsmen UA remain mostly same?

Clarification, Swordsmen are still SPD 6. Though the Command Attachment still provides Overtake and Cleave which are solid with their increased melee range.

Quote Originally Posted by feketelovag View Post
These were already the differences between swordsmen and legionnaires in MkII. So are you basically just saying that no stat change and the legionnaires got pointed up to match the swordsmen? Effectively nerfing the legionnaires to "buff" the swordsmen?

If you are only looking solely at those two then that is the impression you could take away. However, you also have to factor in the holistic view of external and internal balance as well. For example the reduction of amount of Weapon Master alongside an increase in the number of warjacks/warbeasts mean that even without having additional rules added to them, the Blighted Nyss Swordsmen have been significantly strengthened in the new edition through the wide scale rebalancing of everything in the game.

As far as Legionnaires go, I think most people would agree that they were under costed given the number of abilities they had in Mk II. A situation which has been corrected and now puts them inline with other choices within the faction.

Quote Originally Posted by ir0nbeard View Post
Raeks! I own 6 raeks. They are by far my favorite visually and their rules were great too. Has the mk3 changes affected them in any way? Or do I still have my deadly panther cats?

Raeks swapped out their animus for Still as Death which is Cost 1 Self and provided Countercharge. Also they picked up Extended Control Range. Which is soooo much fun with Rhyas 1 and her feat. Teleporting Shark-cats FTW! Oh and they kept their DEF 15, which is pretty huge.

Quote Originally Posted by Shibby50 View Post
So awesome to see all of these questions asked will! But how has there been no love/ ?'s about the best solo in the game??? Strider Deathstalkers!!!!!
Do they still have sniper??
Do they still get snap fire???
Are they still Rat 8?!?

Yes to all. Plus they have Marksmen and Sniper now negates Tough.

Ca j'aime !! "sniper negates tough !" cheers

Quote Originally Posted by EtherealPaints View Post
I feel like the Raeks had to have lost something to have gained extended control and a more useful animus. Stealth or Pounce maybe?... Or maybe they will cost 9 in mk3. I am very happy to see all of the legion light warbeasts getting some love. If pVayl still has incite or if eThags still has MD I will definitely be fielding a list filled with light warbeasts in the same manner as I did in mk2.

It's PC 8. Kept both Stealth and Bounding Leap. Tail went to RNG 1

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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   06.05.16 20:31

Des ajouts au post Skorne :

De Soles

Quote Originally Posted by Ruffy  View Post
Actually, can't hurt to ask the question.

Mr (Dr? ) Soles, are Lesser Warbeasts able to perform Power Attacks against small bases now?

Lesser warbeasts still cannot perform power attacks.

Quote Originally Posted by konee  View Post
Can we know how much a gladiator costs? It would be great to have some sort of point comparison between a basic heavy beast (glad) and a basic heavy jack (slayer).

That seems reasonable. The Titan Gladiator is 14 points.

Quote Originally Posted by TSpot  View Post
Jason, not sure if this was asked but since the Krea grants force barrier which then grants +2 def does that mean blessed does not get around it? Or has blessed been simplified to include stat increases granted by abilities that were granted by spells?


Force Aura, which grants that +2 DEF, is an animus. Animi are all spells. Blessed ignores the bonuses from spells that add to DEF and ARM.

Quote Originally Posted by Ereshkigal  View Post
Can we have some spoiler on the bugs? The soldier, with the changes to bronzeback (less fury, 0,5 extra threat range), seems to overlap with it even more now, so i think it changed something in the soldier to make it a compelling choice. And similar thing for the sentinel and the cannoneer.

Here are two significant changes: The Aradus Soldier picked up Chain Weapon on its claws and the Aradaus Sentinel's RNG went up to 11.

Oula, t'as lu ça Pantoufle? L'Aradius Soldier avec Chain Weapon Shocked

Quote Originally Posted by Donesh View Post
Is the gladiator the only beast with Rush in the faction?


Quote Originally Posted by Sardonic Artery View Post
Questions being answered? Time to ask again: What does the open theme version of Immortal Host look like? Ancestral Guardians get AD?

I think more specific questions would help you get the answers you seek. I am not sure what you mean by "the open theme version of Immortal Host". Ancestral Guardians did not gain Advance Deployment.

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Ouais enfin Chain Weampon si je me trompe pas c'est juste que ça ignore les Shield Guard et les Boucliers, c'est pas le bout du monde. De toute façon je n'ai pas d'Aradus.

Je viens de relire l'insider et je vois que Makeda1 perd tous ces sorts sauf carnage. çà veut dire perte de Savagery Sad pour gagner "Quicken" (çà fait quoi Quicken ??). Le tout me parait nerfer, mais il faut voir comment le design général s'oriente.

[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   06.05.16 23:46

Quiken c'est l'upkeep à +2 SPD et +2 DEF contre le tir et la magie.

Moi je trouve que la Makeda qui troc Engine of Destruction pour Stormrager n'a rien d'un nerf !!

Quant aux Beasts vous semblez souffrir de la même chose que bibi : pas terrible mais pas cher. Le gladou à 14pts c'est sex ceci dit, mais bon !

SunHunter -
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   07.05.16 22:51

Ajout sur le Post Legion, de Will Shick

Quote Originally Posted by klangark  View Post
Dear Mr. Will,

I'll try my best to express myself, but I'm french canadian, so I might have some difficulty, so sorry in advance.

I want to know how do you view Legion when you rebalanced the faction. For us, it always was the fast ''Glass canon'' with defensive animus and great fury control.

With the removal of Tenacity, the change to Spiny Growth, we lost our defensive animus, and gained the glass quality.
With the change to the shepherd we still keep our fury control, but bring risk into balance.
With the reduction of speed to the Carnivean chassis, we kind of lost our fast quality for those warbeast, but their role seem to have change to second wave hitter.
But we still feel pillow-fisted. Why? Our damage is still the same as a lot of warjack or warbeast who have acces to buff to their damage, loosing our edge as ''canon'' and our possibility to tank the damage before dying (with the change to the animus). What can you tell us to our canon definition?

This is another instance where you will have to wait to see the whole picture, but rest assured Legion is still very true to its roots. Yes Tenacity went (and let's be honest I think most people understood it was severely limiting the faction design space). By the same token Spiny Growth is now SELF in order to better differentiate and define roles and niches within the army. The Carnivean is the more tanky heavy hitter, the Scythean is the infantry murder machine, the Ravagore is the ranged killer with enough muscle to be a threat when it gets engaged. The role of alpha striker warbeast has shifted more to the flying warbeasts (Angelius/Seraph/Neraph) which are now SPD 7. But of course that speed and mobility comes at the price of staying power.

But what's more important is the numerous tweaks and changes which have occurred across both games. One of the challenges of trying to talk about this stuff is that its like trying to explain a mosaic piece by piece. You really can only appreciate the picture once you can see all the individual pieces and how they fit together to make the whole picture.

As far as hitting power, I don't think Legion hits any softer than it did now than in Mk II. Specifically to the Carnivean "chassis", something I think might not have been mentioned up to this point is that both the Scythean and the Ravagore picked up a bite melee attack, meaning all three of the "chassis" now boast 3 initial melee attacks along with their 4 FURY.

In the end however I think while [insert faction name here] will not be exactly as it was in Mk II, everything we did was in order to not only make the games more balanced, and more importantly, more fun overall, but just as importantly to make sure each faction maintained its unique flavor and identity while still opening them up to more option and variety.

Quote Originally Posted by Xerxlegion  View Post
Wait ALL flying beasts? Does this include lights as well? Or is this exclusive to the Heavy Warbeast? (Angelou's/Seraph/Neraph/Zuriel)

Sorry I should be more specific: Angelius, Seraph, and Neraph.

Quote Originally Posted by cheddercaveman  View Post
You know, this hasn't been asked yet. Is there any change to whether or not a model has 180 vs 360 field of vision?

Facing remains basically unchanged.

Quote Originally Posted by mattiav  View Post
Sorry mr. Will....
I have a little question...
But first i have to say sorry for my english..
You say epic absylonia and succubus have hex bolt.
But hex bolt is the new name for hex blast. Or is the spell of hex hunter.
The thing change a little bit...

Hex Bolt - (Cost 2) RNG 6 POW 13 - Model hit by Hex Bolt cannot make special attacks, special actions, or power attacks for one round.

Exactly what is on the Hex Hunters currently.

Info plus générale

Quote Originally Posted by Sraosha View Post
Hi Will!

I have question about Bayal ans Farlior. Since they are character UA and thuaa will be limited to only 1 per army, can I then only have 1 UA for hex hunters/legio? Or have they maybe become solos to give room for a new UA?

Looking at the MHSF in Ret I would say nothing stops a unit from having multiple options when it comes to Command Attachments (formerly UA). So while both characters remain CAs in the new edition that doesn't mean those units will not potentially see non-character UAs in the future.
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   07.05.16 23:04

Ajouts Skorne

De Soles

Quote Originally Posted by Indragnir  View Post
Mr Soles, please let us know about our beloved cataphracts.
Their point cost (high indeed) coupled with their lowered defense and the universal -3 hit boxes make us wonder about them. If I'm not mistaken an arm 15 cataphract dies to a pow 10 on charge o a single pow 13 shot/spell.
With that cost, what they bring that justifies their cost and low defense?

I think you need to be a bit more specific. Do you mean the unit that has Shield Wall or the unit with an 8" ranged drag attack followed by a Weapon Master melee attack? Or the unit that spreads fire all over the place?

It is also worth considering that these units are one model larger than a lot of the heavy infantry fielded by the other Factions. A fact we did not forget when we costed them.

Quote Originally Posted by Rinion  View Post
Going to take this as a sign that all medium bases with shields have Shield Guard now? Did Cinerators get that too?

Nope... That is what you call a lack of sleep based error. I meant Shield Wall.

Quote Originally Posted by Fortnby  View Post
An extra model doesn't make up for the 20% cheaper unit when you compare Warspears and Cetratii...and if you add the Warspear UA the units cost the same.

The Warspears with the UA, making the cost and count equal, is a vastly superior unit to Cetratii.

I am curious as to the thought process that led the development team to the final version of Cetratii being treated as they were.

What role do you expect such a unit to fill in Mk3?

It clearly requires quite a bit of support to survive on the battlefield against any but the most insignificant enemy attention, and it doesn't hit nearly as hard as a unit of small based weaponmaster infantry.

Scratching my head.

I think there is a difference between how survivable some people want the Cataphract Cetrati to be and how survivable we intend them to be. With an effective ARM of 20 on their own and 5 damage boxes they can take hits that would shred most other warrior models in the game. Sure, a direct hit from a Defender's Heavy Barrel may take one down (on an average dice roll... if it is boosted), but that is a direct hit from a Defender's Heavy Barrel. It should kill the heavily armored, but otherwise still mundane warrior model marching across the battlefield. If you are looking for more survivability, the next step up is warbeasts.

Hey Pantoufle j'espère que tu as un Animantarax !!

Quote Originally Posted by Sami  View Post
Dear Mr Soles,

Does the Siege Animantarax still have... for lack of a better term... angry guns?

It does not. That model went through some signifigant changes. Among them it is now a cavalry model, which really felt like the missing piece. Cantankerous now says, "When this model is damaged by an attack it gains one rage token. This model can have up to three rage tokens at any time. This model gains +1 SPD for each rage token currently on it. During its activation, this model can spend rage tokens to make additional melee attacks or to boost melee attack or melee damage rolls. It can make one additional attack or boost one roll for each rage token spent."

Also, it can be argeted with Medicate special actions as if it were a warbeast.

La cavalerie Skorne, le must have mk3 ?

Quote Originally Posted by BurningChrome  View Post
Mr. Soles, Huge fan of the new-look Ferox and very excited to try them out. I was wondering if you can illuminate any changes in this edition around Tyrant Rhadeim? I have always loved that model and I am excited to see what he brings not only for himself but for his fellow cat riders.

I am starting to shy away from any more outright spoilers, but I will throw you one more. Rhadeim traded his Veteran Leader ability for a Leadership that grants Dodge to the Ferox.

Quote Originally Posted by Stormpuppy_Infantry View Post
Soles, please apologize for the bumping the question, but can I ask a question for clarify this?

Force Aura says that it just gives Force Barrier ability to them. But how Blessed can ignore this? The only spell effect is just give the models Force Barrier, and Force Barrier itself is not a spell effect. Then is there any reason that Blessed ignores it? Else the rules of Blessed got changed?

Well, to clarify, you are right. I made the mistake of referencing shorthand notes and not going back to the source. Blessed does not ignore the bonus to DEF from the ability granted by Force Barrier. I stand corrected.

And wow, the lag is brutal. This is the third time I have tried to post this.
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   09.05.16 22:08

Insider sur les elfes avec des pépites sur le jeu en général !

[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

Notamment :
- le focus des casters ne donne plus de bonus en Arm mais permet de diminuer les dégâts de 5 pour 1 foc dépensé
- les casters gardent le focus non dépensé au début du tour, ça permet d'utiliser la règle ci-dessus contre les dégâts des effets continus (dans le post US)
- synergy existe toujours mais est limité à +3 max
- refuge a légèrement changé et j'aime bien
- les bond sont sympa et donnent un vrai lien Very Happy

Et voici les posts du forum.

Attention j'entends déjà les pleurs Razz

De Will Schick

Quote Originally Posted by Nedthered  View Post
Per each attack. If you take 15 damage it takes 3 focus to make it zero.

Well yes and no. Yes in that your math is correct. No in that you can only spend 1 focus per damage source period. So you can never soak more than 5 damage.

Vivement la nouvelle unité des potes de Thyron !  bounce

Quote Originally Posted by Magoslich  View Post
Questions for Will:

Whats your favorite change to Ret? Any casters or models that you really want to field now?

Also I noticed quite a few changes mentioned that already existed (chimera already had phantasmal field, soulless already had disbinding, etc). These abilities seem unchanged too, is that the case or was that an error?

The new point costs are awesome.

The Soulless one was just a slip of all the rules rattling in my brain. The Chimera one was supposed to say "kept one of my favorite rules." The cool thing there is DEF 15 on a warjack is more rare in the new edition which makes that ability stand out a bit more.

As far as favorite change? That's tough. As a big fan of Adeptis Rahn I am very excited for Discordia. I'm also really exited for Thyron's buddies to show up.

Quote Originally Posted by possiblyarowbot  View Post
Does the strike have blessed? The card shown has magic weapon. Does that mean the UA does not have magic weapon?

The symbol is Blessed. Magic Weapn is different:

J'ai hâte de voir le wording de la nouvelle version de Iron Zeal... toi aussi Sun? angel

Quote Originally Posted by Oni2000  View Post
It's not so much clear in the Insider, but Invictors and Sentinels retain Defensive Line as an ability ?

Iron Zeal + Defensive line would be gold for Sentinels.

And to the real question that averybody is waiting to get a responde :

Please some Garryth spoiler, the man old man need love XD

Invictors and Sentinels now have Wall of Steel which gives models +2ARM when B2B with another model in the unit.

Dédicace pour Tim :

Quote Originally Posted by Miijan  View Post
So I am loving the changes, I especially love the changes to Hypnos, I run Ossyan a lot and always shied away from taking his jack as it was never quite worth it over a Phoenix.

Speaking of Ossyan and the Phoenix, would you care to spoil any changes to these too? They are among my personal favorites. Have they changed considerably? Is Chronomancer still a spell, did the Phoenix Field change?

Phoenix really didn't change. Ossyan now just has Field Marshal [Future Sight]

Apparemment pas de nerf d'imperatus... cheers

Quote Originally Posted by NEoJoe  View Post
Will! I love the insider, thank you!

Now please, if you don't mind, care to give me some hints on Imperatus? Phoenix Protocol is so super cool it HAD to keep it, right?

Imperatus is still very much Imperatus.

En attente des règles de jack'marshall qui changent radicalement...

Quote Originally Posted by 5-Cents  View Post
A few questions please Will,

What is happening with the Jack Marshal abilities that the Sents, Vics and Scyir had? Do they retain Jack Marshal, and have they received any new Drives?

Watch for an Insider all about Jack Marshals from Jason in the next couple weeks. There's been some significant changes!

Bonne nouvelle pour la Banshee si Momentum n'a pas trop changé :

Quote Originally Posted by Canadianized View Post
Did the Banshee keep a knockdown effect on his gun? The concept of that + Phantom Hunter seems terrifying...

yes momentum remains on the Banshee

Confirmation des rôles de sniper : ignorer le tough

Quote Originally Posted by elladan52  View Post
@PPS_WILL: Anything to drop about the Ghost Sniper? One of the coolest models I own, but I always struggle justifying him. Even just a points decrease would make him worlds better.

He's PC 3. And Deadly Shot ignores Tough

On peut toujours manger du focus pour se soigner :

Quote Originally Posted by Spideredd  View Post
Can you still heal your warcaster using focus?

yes you sure can

En fait pour les elfes c'est comme annoncé dans l'insider... pas trop de changement Shocked

En gros on est une faction mk3 avant l'heure quoi Neutral

Quote Originally Posted by redwulfe  View Post
Love what I am seeing for Ret, thank you will.

Was wondering as a person who has several gryphons if you wouldn't mind spoiling my favorite light? Or at least his PC?

I also have an army of arcanists, can you tell us if you all are passingly keeping a force wall style theme? I know this one is a long shot at getting an answere for.

Thanks for a great article.

Griffons are unchanged minus they now have a PC of 8.

Spam de jack légers possible et gratuitement? (Kaelyssa a 29pts de jack gratos quand même... ça fait juste presque 2 lourdes characters ou 4 légers...

J'avais des listes en préparation avec des Invictors que Moxi devait me vendre d'ailleurs... achat en vue aux USA santa

Quote Originally Posted by Tick-Tock Man  View Post
Assaulting Invictors have me super excited. Did they keep combined arms and the extended fire mini-feat?

with the CA yes.

Gros changement pour Defensive Line :

Quote Originally Posted by Stormpuppy_Infantry  View Post
Will, is there any diffrence with it and Defensive Line? Both abilities are gives +2 ARM when B2B with another model in the unit. Is it just a name change? Or is a typo and it gives +2 to DEF or something instead?

Defensive Line now grants a DEF bonus. you'd expect from a something named Defensive Line ;-)

Pareil pour Iron Flesh en perspective

Quote Originally Posted by Rinion  View Post
Confirm or deny, Arcane Shield and Iron Flesh have had their effects swap too, to better reflect the names?

I certainly wouldn't put money on Iron Flesh staying the same ;-)

Post-it : acheter des Sentinels aussi...  

Quote Originally Posted by Frejdruk  View Post
Do sentinels keep weaponmaster?

Great insider!

Yes Sentinels still have weaponmaster

Quote Originally Posted by Oulak  View Post
Thanks a ton Will. This is a fantastic Insider. One question about the Hydra - is this one of the exception to the previously stated limit of 3 focus per warjack?

Also I noticed some confusion over the Chimera's defensive ability. To point out a subtlety that makes a huge difference - in mkii the defensive bonus was for ranged and magic attacks specifically; in mkiii it's stated as a flat defense bonus - meaning that applies to melee attacks as well.

Nope. As I pointed out the language should have been "kept." So it still only applies to ranged and magic attacks.

Also the Hydra is bound by the same focus point limit as all other warjacks. So it can only have 3 at any time.

Loki n'aimait pas Rahn... ben ça va toujours être le cas farao

Quote Originally Posted by Edaren  View Post
I really need to know if Rahn is still the TK and placement shenanigans king. Slams, kd, and all his suit of magic.
Pretty Pleassssssssssssssssse

Rahn is still Rahn TK, Force Magic, and all. The biggest change is Force Field became an innate ability that is always on.

Sur le focus qui enlève 5 points de dégâts :

Quote Originally Posted by Kallikanzaros  View Post
Thanks, for all the insights to the new edition.

Will the new Overboosting rule make it possible to mitigate damage taken from continuous fire?

yes, it works on any damage source.

Quote Originally Posted by Stormpuppy_Infantry  View Post
Awesome! But when does unspended focus are go away? After done the continuous effects?

Warcasters no longer remove unspent focus from them at the start of the Maintenance Phase, only warjacks do. So provided that a warcaster didn't spend all their focus in the previous round they will have focus to spend when checking on continuous effects.

Also, I should note that this ability is no longer called Overboosting. It's now called Reinforcing the Power Field.


Quote Originally Posted by PPS_Will  View Post
The symbol is Blessed. Magic Weapn is different:
Not that any models in the new editions have Magic Weapon...

The Damage Type: Magical icon however, appears on every one of Hypnos' weapons.

Issyria va-t-elle être nerfée?

Quote Originally Posted by Sobek  View Post

Great information in the Insider. AFter reading this, and thinking about some comments from previous Insiders/Posts from you and Jason Soles, two questions popped into my mind:

1) It was previously mentioned that Animi cast are spells. In Kaelyssa's Banishing Ward spell, it refers to Upkeep Spells and Animi. Is there a specific reason for this phrasing? Or is this a copy/paste carry over?

2) In the Skorne insider it was mentioned that Ancillary Attack has been removed from from most models in the game. I was curious as to how this affected Issyria, if at all?

1) Animi and spells are still different for tracking purposes. The previous mention was only about when they are cast.

2) Issyria is not "most" models.

Général sur le Focus

Quote Originally Posted by Zelbinnean  View Post
Does that mean that casters whose focus exceed their FOCUS stat no longer lose the excess either?

No you still lose focus points over your max.

Vous vous posiez la question sur le Transfer du coup après avoir lu la nouvelle règle sur le camp de focus?
Voici la réponse :

Quote Originally Posted by Gavriel  View Post
Hi Mr. Shick, my question is that since reinforcing the powerfield is essentially being able to transfer 5 damage to the void, will damage transfers for hordes also have a hard cap for how much damage can be transferred with one fury point? It seems like with garguantuans and lots of things with medicate running around lately, a warlock's ability to just transfer 20 some odd damage to, say, a blight bringer, then open their next turn by medicating with shepherds so they don't even have to worry about the gargantuan seeing any loss of effectiveness is a bit crazy.

It would also allow morvanha to keep her cool ability to transfer damage to an enemy without creating the silly situation where the Butcher can charge her and do so much damage that both casters die in the same attack...

Transferring remains unchanged. While it is true that you can potentially transfer far more damage than 5, there are numerous ways to shut down transfers whereas with Reinforcing the Power Field, all you have to have is a focus point.

As far as how this affects warcaster survivability, I feel like it does exactly what was originally intended. It stops lower ARM but high focus casters from being as immune, if not more immune to damage as the in your face front line warcaster (who it should be noted all received bumps to their ARM to make up for the change and keep them able to play aggressive like they are designed to do). Instead now with casters like Nemo or Harbinger or Severius or what have you, they feel much more in line with their intended design. Powerful arcane warcasters who are more vulnerable to being chipped away at by numerous attacks. Whereas high ARM casters like the Butcher or Terminus are able to stride forward into fire unabashedly and only need to really fear high powered hits from the enemy heavy hitters.

Tous les gros casters de close ont donc normalement une Arm améliorée pour la Mk3... Very Happy
Sun va toujours pouvoir jouer Kreoss3  Wink

Quote Originally Posted by hendersondayton  View Post
@Will - Still wanting to know about focus preventing abilities that prox on damage. If you spend focus to prevent damage points down to "0" from an attack...and that attack has an ability that only triggers on damage done, does the ability NOT trigger?

No the ability still triggers as the warcaster is considered to have suffered damage even if they take no damage due to Reinforcing.

Un peu de retour aux elfes, juste pour dire que rien ne change... Sad

Quote Originally Posted by Arigeta  View Post
Will, thank you for the great Insider! Can you give us some insight on Battle Mages? Have their status changed or has anything been modified with Force Bolt? Is the Magister pretty much the same? As a Rhan player I am at the edge of my seat please please please let us know

Battle Mages and Magister are pretty much the same minus some new edition rules wording streamlining.

And with that I am out for today!

De Soles, autre post sur "mais pourquoi avoir changé Overboosting? ouin ouin"
Quote Originally Posted by FoundCake View Post
So what exactly is stopping me from taking pCaine with a single unit of trenchers. Either Slam or use an Avenger to knock down a caster, then take my 20" threat trencher unit and kill them?

Your opponent's army, tactics, terrain, defenses, relative placement, etc. Generally the same things that kept this from happening in Mk II. No doubt this changes things and some degree of adaptation is going to be necessary. However, in our house this has been the law of the land for nearly two years and we have seen enough games to know that trivially removing a warcaster from the table is no easier in the new edition than it was in the last.

Toujours de Soles, pas facile de ktc tour 2 en mk3... à voir hein !
Quote Originally Posted by Ger View Post
Heya Soles! Got any stories of a caster surviving an assassination run during those 2 years? or similar?

The last two years were intense enough that trying to recall what happened in real life alone is sometimes an exercise in futility. That said, I fail assassination runs in play test about twice a week. Usually while playing against Hungerford. Dice love that guy.

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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   10.05.16 10:09

Salut à tous et bienvenu à ceux qui nous rejoignent sur Radio Pleureuse la radio de Tous Tes Chagrins, 102.2 FM à Bordeaux ! Il est 10h, et je vous laisse avec notre chroniqueur de génie à la boite de kleenex : SunHunter ! Yeeaaaaah !!

Après avoir laissé la nuit passer dessus, je suis perplexité. scratch

WS nous fait tout un paragraphe sur l'aspect anti-jeu et l'aspect limitant de Phantom Seeker pour le design de la faction, et juste après il nous balance 1 UA/CA qui le donne en minifeat, 1 caster qui le donne pour 2 Foc à une fig du BG, et Hypnos qui le gagne gratos au passage. Parce que les pow 14 boostables Ghost Shot (et True Sight avec Ossyan), c'est rien du tout. En comtpant les figs spoilées sans cartes, c'est 1 spoil sur 2 qui bénéficie de Phantom Seeker. LOL ?!

Ce que je retiens : confirmation d'une infanterie WM + Vengeance de série avec une bonne speed, des buffs défensifs de série, et probablement reach. Confirmation de deux unités de tireurs efficaces, dont l'une sera la terreur des troupiers (invictors avec assaut et mini-feat craqué) et l'autre la terreur des jacks à basse ARM (MHSF qui restent à POW10+3d6 contre les jacks). Donc pour Scyrah en tout cas, Warmatroupes c'est loin d'être fini.

Et autant les infos sur les jacks qu'on a sont cool, autant c'est pas avec eux que l'on fera autre chose que du soutien et du sniping de solos/casters. Mêlée POW 16/17, ça n'a jamais rien cassé.

Saving. Data Mining. Analyzing. Bip. Bip. Biiiip. Warmatroupe/Shootmachine ?! Et si ce n'est pas le cas, ils nous donnent en tout cas toutes les raisons de le croire.

Quant aux infos générales sur le jeu, elles ne font pas beaucoup mieux. La terreur des Warlocks mkII était la saturation de POW10-12, alors qu'il fallait à l'opposé 1 à 3 bonnes grosses patates pow 18-20 pour tabasser un Caster. C'est fini tout ça, maintenant tout le monde est à la même enseigne : le point faible des badass en armures steamo-magiques, c'est désormais également les pichenettes POW 10-12. Puisque le Focus va fonctionner tout comme les Transferts, à ceci prêt qu'on bute pas nos Warjacks, mais qu'on absorbe que 5 dégâts par attaque max.
Et qu'est-ce qui permet de saturer un warcaster/warlock de pow 10-12 ? Les unités de troupiers armés de pistolets à bouchon bien sûr ! Alors certes les troupiers vont voler vite et loin avec tout l'attirail anti-piétons dont se dote le jeu. M'enfin ça me semble pas impossible de protéger 10 tireurs, d'avancer de 6 et de tirer à 12", avec prémesure, pour tabasser n'importe quel Warcaster.
... A moins que le truc soit de jouer la pré-mesure pour rester juuuuste en dehors de la portée de tir de toute l'armée adverse, moins [nombre de focus campé] ? Bordel ça fait pas rêver.

Un peu de maths pour ceux qui se demandent si le nouveau champ de force est mieux ou moins bien que le précédent. Enfin non, pas de maths, mais plutôt les conclusions des maths.
Le nouveau système est mieux lorsque :
- Tu campes 4 Foc ou moins, ET que le nombre d'attaques subies est inférieur ou égal au nombre de Foc campé (donc 1, 2, 3 ou 4 patates max encaissées)
L'ancien système est mieux lorsque :
- Tu campes 5 Foc et plus
- Tu manges 5+ patates.
- Les attaques en face sont à POW faible.
Donc ça va changer notre façon de jouer et de camper. Mais l'ère des Feora/Kreoss qui campent 7 ou 8 et qui sont les rois de la colline, c'est fini. Ils ont annoncé que les casters d'assaut auraient un buff d'ARM pour compenser, mais je suis septique. Être forcé de jouer à l'arrière toute la partie, même avec les meilleures stats d'encaisse de la faction (et pour Feora dans le top10 du jeu), ça fait chier. La page 5 s'éloigne pour de vrai.

Question impact sur le méta, ça veut aussi dire que les trucs efficaces à l'assassinat sur les deux jeux sont désormais plus ou moins identiques. Donc les listes full-assassinat devraient devenir encore plus monomaniaques en n'ayant plus besoin de se décider entre spécialité anti-WM ou anti-Hordes. C'est d'autant plus vrai que les trucs faisant sauter le focus ET les trucs faisant sauter le transfert semblent toutes disparaître (aracane assassin, Eyriss, Grievious Wound).

Point positif : plus de remords à camper ou à dépenser : que tu campes 7 ou que tu campes 2, t'es grosso-modo aussi vulnérable. Sauf si tu t'appelle Butcher ou eKromac, auquel cas t'es de toute manière increvable. Meh.

Donc c'est l'incompréhension qui domine chez moi, encore une fois. On ne nous file pas de spoilers qui rassure aujourd'hui non plus. J'ai envie de croire à leur "mais vous ferez, une fois la méta devant vous ça prendra sens !", mais je trouve qu'il faut vraiment avoir les yeux de la foi à ce stade. Je ne vois pas comment ça peut marcher pour l'instant, sans parler du fait que ce que je vois ne me plait pas. Neutral

PS : on notera également le prix des jacks, et ceux accordés par les warcasters. Ca oscille entre 28 et 30 pts gratos, tandis que les warjacks évoluent pour l'instant entre 8-12 pour les lights, et 10-20 pour les heavies.

SunHunter -
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   10.05.16 11:21

la perte du boost en ARM pour le focus campé est naze, c'était un bon mécanisme de jeu, et en plus ça reste moins bien que le transfert...

Tout le reste j'attend de voir, j'ai surtout l'impression qu'il y a un vrai rééquilibrage des entrées intra faction, pas forcement inter factions...

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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   10.05.16 11:26

C'est clair qu'en Intra-faction ils ont l'air de faire le taf.

SunHunter -
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   10.05.16 13:26

Faisons honneur au speaker de Radio Pleureuse la radio de Tous tes chagrins, en citant ses mots sur une radio concurrente (il faut bien rendre à César ce qui appartient à César, Luc 20v25, La Bible) :

Citation :

Citation :

Sauf que les MHSF peuvent toujours saturer le tour de leur mini feat mais phantom barrage n'ignore ni les obstructions, ni cover ni concealment, autant de moyens pour éviter de prendre cher.

Annéfé ! J'avais repéré le coup des obstructions mais j'avais pas vu le reste !  :o Conditionnement mental, tout ça.

Donc en fait, les MHSF sont nuls à l'assassinat, et même le sniping de solos clefs va devenir compliqué. Tu vas voir que ça va devenir une unité de CaC anti-warjacks avec un tir presque anecdotique, quelle blague !  ::)

En revanche, Ghost Shot + True Sight sur Hypnos + Ossyan, et Phantom Hunter sur Kaelyssa restent dans la course. Intéressant, mais pas game-breaker si ils en restent là, car difficile à saturer. Plutôt cool en fait !

Et du coup, j'aime la simplification et l'homogénéisation des capas promise ! Le défi de mkII qui consistait à se souvenir de ce qui était ignoré ou non par Ghost Shot/Phantom Seeker|Barrage/Eyeless Sight/True Sight/Blessed/... et leurs combinaisons sera toujours présent en mkIII !  Razz

SunHunter -

Pour l'instant, comme repris d'une métaphore de Soles sur PP US, voir un bout de pièce d'une mosaïque ne nous permet pas d'appréhender l'image en entier... et si on poursuit la métaphore, que ce sera la frise avec toutes les factions réunies Question  What a Face

Donc, éternel Wait&See... même si comme vous, j'étais dubitatif en lisant l'Insider Scyrah genre "ouah la Mk3 trop bien, regarde : tout comme en Mk2... presque..." lol!
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   10.05.16 16:28

Info du jour, pour papy Garryth, de Will Shick :

Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Bombadil_ View Post
I just want to jump on the bandwagon of people who are really looking for some Garryth spoilers, is there any way his feat could be made to be equally useful against hordes as it is against warmachine?

This is my only one for today, but I think it should be a good one based on the number of requests for information on everyone's favorite elven serial killer.

Garryth's feat now prevents casting spells, channeling spells, spending focus or fury points, or being moved by place effects for one round.

He also's gotten a bit more limber and now has Acrobatics

Also his pistols and blades picked up Blessed as most people guessed. His blades also kept Weapon Master and Grievous Wounds.

Nouveau post-it : acheter papy Garryth et le jouer avec Moros (merci encore à Vlad et Ialo pour la 3e place au tournoi par équipe de 3 en Vendée cheers )
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   10.05.16 16:47

Je viens de me Facepalm si fort que j'ai fait voler l'un de mes verres de lunettes !

On part du principe que le Transfert/Power Field sont des dépenses de Foc/Fur ?

Moi qui était tout heureux de voir que tous les trucs qui viraient le focus et annulait les transfert étaient partis, BOOM ! Voilà un feat qui annule les deux mécanismes en un coup ! Rien que ça c'est badass, mais en plus il empêche de forcer/allouer (ce qui était un feat à part entière en mkII) et il empêche de lancer des sorts à tout le monde (ce qui était la moitié de plusieurs autres feat). Surfait !

En tout cas je suis curieux de voir le reste de son kit. Parce là déjà, juste en Feat, go !, j'ai du mal à voir comment il peut louper un assassinat. Sauf si le transfert/Power Field n'est pas une dépense (LOL ?) et donc que le feat est nul, auquel cas j'affirme que WS est un terroriste et un voyou.

SunHunter -
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   10.05.16 17:03

Ce que j'aime chez toi Vlad c'est ta perspicacité et ton humour Razz

Faut attendre de voir sa carte... que c'est long 1 mois et 2 jours pour chopper tout ça ! bounce

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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   10.05.16 19:34

Nouvel Insider :

[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

L'idée est bonne mais me laisse perplexe quand à sa réalisation en VF...

De Will Schick :

Quote Originally Posted by VagrantPoet  View Post
Sweet! I presume the errata cards will be small packs with updated cards, not entire re-issued decks.

Correct. No need to reissue what isn't changed!

Quote Originally Posted by Biff'd View Post
Insider said "semi-annual" so I take that to mean that they will be sticking to the twice a year plan. Barring emergencies, of course.

Also correct. Of course there are always allowances for special cases, but overall you can expect the same frequency as now.
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   10.05.16 21:09

Je le repete grievious wound retire toujours le transfert sauf que sa a ete ecrit différemment dans la regle et explisue sur le forum
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   11.05.16 14:39

Merci Eathril pour tes reportages :)

Pour l'instant je me garde de tout commentaire (au delà de mon enthousiasme initial sur la note d'intention des développeurs). Certaines choses me plaisent, d'autres moins, mais j'attend d'en savoir plus ;-)
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   11.05.16 15:02

Pareil, merci les gars pour les infos, même si je suis absent depuis un bon moment j'attends cette mkIII avec impatiences ... Et surtout ca me permet de peindre !:)
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   11.05.16 17:10

Allez, on a de la chance, il sort super tôt dans la journée l'Insider sur les Trolls ! cheers

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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   11.05.16 19:47

Ca a l'air globalement bien.

... Sauf pour l'anti-upkeep. Joli foutage de gueule : "On a tenu notre promesse, Purification sera mono-faction, mais on a mis un autre sort pareil à côté avec un nom différent."

L'un des trucs les plus critiques pour la diversité des casters, c'était la disparition des Dispels et Purif' trop faciles. Et c'est un Menoth qui le dit, hein... Visiblement ils n'étaient pas de cet avis.

SunHunter -
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   11.05.16 23:08

Allez en direct du Post US, à votre service !

De Will Shick

Quote Originally Posted by CassusAevum View Post
I hope Mulg being a "lot slower than he used to be" is strictly a reference to movement shennanigans and not base speed. I can't imagine putting a SPD 3 model on the table that isn't the Commodore Cannon.

Mulg is still SPD 4. He just traded in Protective Fit and Relentless Advance for Relentless Charge. He still hits like a ton of bricks, but now he's not the end all be all of troll hitters.

Quote Originally Posted by Mod_Plarzoid View Post
He noted that the changes to the Pyre were similar to the ones all of them got, so I think all of them are now COST 1, and SELF only.

Yep Pyre is now Cost 1, SELF

Pour Fanny :

Quote Originally Posted by nmello278  View Post
Mr. Soles, any fun information on our drunken bear caster? He is my favorite model in the game.

Borka 2 is pretty much the same. His big changes really come about due to the new cavalry rules. His pet bear Arktos gained Crit Knockdown and Trash and Borka gained Reposition [3]

J'ai comme l'impression que la cav lourde a Reposition 3 et la légère Reposition 5...

Quote Originally Posted by Zekefreed  View Post
Can you tell us anything about the night troll? One of the coolest models in the game but his animus was to niché

Night Troll's animus changed to Attractor (COST 1, SELF Enemy models currently within 2˝ of the spellcaster are immediately pushed 2˝ directly toward it in the order you choose.) Gained a Bite attack so now it has 3 initials and comes in at the low low price of 7 points.

Quote Originally Posted by BeardedWeirdo  View Post
Mr. Soles or Mr. Will, can you say if Gunny got increased ROF or Reload X?

Seems weird that his weapon has multiple chambers but he's only ROF 1

Still ROF 1. Though he did keep his Rock Wall spell. And Field Marshal [Kill Shot] is friggin' awesome.

Quote Originally Posted by Atomicaphex  View Post
I would like to know more about the trolls light beasts. Is it viable to use multiple Impalers or Axers ... if you were crazy enough to pick up three of each in mk. II where it really did not make a lot of sense . And can i still find Rush on the back of my Axers card and is it one of the animi you duplicated for the Trolls?

Axer still has Rush. The rebalancing in points certainly helps lights stack up against heavies better since there is more distinction between their various capabilities. I could see someone like Ragnor Skysplitter being able to field a solid light warbeast heavy army with the proper support elements.

Quote Originally Posted by ninjack19  View Post
Thanks for an informative insider Jason. I just love that the skinner has been buffed in the new edition.

Could you you tell us anything about one of the greatest man hunter in the IK ... Grimm R. Angus

Grim is pretty much the same overall. His spell list changed a bit. He traded in Cross-Country and Lock the Target for Weald Secrets (model/unit gains Pathfinder and Hunter) and Mantrap which is COST 3 RNG 10 AOE 4 POW 12 Warriors models hit are knocked down.

Quote Originally Posted by Sigmatron  View Post
Mr. Will!!

Did Calandra recieve a few changes to be less egregious on the table? Feat or star crossed? And is Dissolution cost 3 or 4?

Dissolution is COST 4.

Jason wasn't omitting anything when he said Calandra's change was FURY 8.

Quote Originally Posted by GodimusPryme  View Post
Thanks for the write up Jason!

Jason or will what can you guys say about the Scouts or Jarl? I would love to see scouts get some love like the skinner snd sluggers

thanks in advance,

Scouts are pretty much unchanged.

Jarl picked up Field Marshal [Swift Hunter] and traded Evasive for Dodge.

Voilà un Post intéressant sur la stratégie générale de PP sur le meta full Arm :

Quote Originally Posted by godchyld76  View Post
I know we have seen a VERY limited range of models so far, but is it just me or does it seem like armor buffing has gone down overall making Pow 10 weapons useful again? Can either Will or Jason confirm this is part of the design of the new edition, to tone down the armor skews?

Certainly addressing the issue of ARM skew was something we worked on in the new edition. The trick was making sure building for ARM still was relevant and a viable strategy but didn't dominate so much that it slowed the game into a miserable grind. One of the analogies I used when discussing this issue at Kingdom Con a few weeks ago was this "We want WARMACHINE and HORDES games to feel like an MMA fight with dynamic movement, strikes, feints, and plentiful tactics, not 18th century boxing where two men stand still and and take turns punching each other in the face until one finally falls down."

Suite troll

Quote Originally Posted by Bluewolf745  View Post
Did Jarl's spell list change all that much and is his feat still the same?

Spell list is the same, though Weald Secrets now grants Pathfinder and Hunter. Feat is basically the same as well.

Encore une dédicace à Fanny :

Quote Originally Posted by Lost Masquerade  View Post
Hey Will, can you tell us anything about my face piece the War Wagon? I´ve almost finished painting mine now as an army centrepiece!

It kept pretty much all its original rules. Gained Reposition [5], Mount now has Momentum instead of just Knockdown, Pounder is now RNG 12 and is now 24damage boxes. PC 18

Redesign général

Quote Originally Posted by Ereshkigal  View Post
This is one of the best thing i read about MK3 until now.

How did you address the importance of alpha strike in this new paradigm though? Is it via screening units becoming cheaper? (i guess)

I mean really the answer to your question is "holistic rebalance." Alpha strike strategies remain along with measures to counter them. The biggest thing to remember is everything you are looking at are all pieces of a new mosaic, not the Mk II one. If you try and make a picture by mixing the two you're not going to get a real image, but a very weird aberration.

Pour Jediyoda :

Quote Originally Posted by Aya  View Post
Pretty awesome insider, I'm pretty excited about all these changes and it feels like it really opens up some space for the faction.

Will, would you be willing to help a long time Troll player out and tell us a bit about one of my favorite casters Grissel1? I just picked up the new sculpt and I'm really excited to get her on the table

She gained Boundless Charge to her spells, became RAT 6, and her ranged attack gained Deafen (model hit suffers -2DEF and cannot give or receive orders for one round), though Cacophony no longer prevents models from giving or receiving orders in trade.

EDIT: Also her melee weapon lost Crit Smite and picked up Deafen.

De Soles

Quote Originally Posted by IceShadow  View Post
EBDT card still refers to "Shallow Water" even though we've been told it's all just "Water" now.

The terrain feature described in the rules is "Shallow Water". Any thing else is likely considered "Impassible Terrain".

Quote Originally Posted by Kenton  View Post
Do warbeasts still have to be forced to charge?

Yes. 10 characters.

Quote Originally Posted by Hellsing  View Post
I just have one question, Jason. Does Burrow work that way with the Helldiver?



10 characters.

Sur les sorts animi et upkeep

Quote Originally Posted by Zelbinnean  View Post
So if animi are considered spells when cast, when are they NOT considered spells (if ever)? I thought it was stated in another thread that there were some circumstances where they didn't count as spells, but I didn't really understand what those situations were.

Animi are spells. Some rules affect them specifically like some rules specifically affect upkeeps.

Doomie3 devient moins imbuvable... même si je l'ai ktc à la Smocon16 cheers

Quote Originally Posted by Moress  View Post
Any word on Doomie3? Does he still have implacability in its current Mk2 form. Is his feat the same? What about his little scroll buddy?


He still has Implacability and his scroll buddy.

His feat, though... Yikes! "While within Doomshaper’s control range, models in his battlegroup gain an additional die on melee attack rolls. When a model in Doomshaper’s battlegroup that is in his control range is hit by an enemy attack, after the attack is resolved remove d3 + 3 damage points from the model. Blood of Dhunia lasts for one round."

En avance de passe pour Vlad :

Quote Originally Posted by Grey Templar View Post
Its probably cost 4.

Dissolution does have a COST of 4. As does Purification.

Quote Originally Posted by Sletchman View Post
Hey Jason, just wondering if you could please clarify something that was a little confusingly worded?

Edit: Regarding the Trollkin Skinner.

I've bolded the part that confused me.

How does he pick up something he already has? Is he a double Weapon Master now? Like base 4 dice? What do you mean by "traded for"?

It just confused me too. My notes said he gained it... That may mean there was a version of him in which he did not have and just had Dismember. I stand corrected.
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MessageSujet: Re: Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.   

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Warmachine/Hordes MkIII, Hey Wey.
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